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The Life and Times of TJR


why is it that lesbians wear beanies this often?

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because if we don’t our gay will leak


Introducing “Redneck Retreiver”

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I didn’t shoot it like a scene where you [say] action [and] cut. I kind of let the camera roll for four or five minutes and I let Helena and Emma improvise to a certain extent those moments, so they could build an intensity together. […] There were one or two moments that were really powerful, where Emma was able to just let go a little bit and forget for a moment that she was acting. And the screams were quite horrible to listen to. It was a very odd energy in the room. I felt in that moment, and in that day and in that room, she kind of crossed the line as an actress. She discovered something within herself that will make her a great actor. (x)

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Such children! I’m playing Pokemon, Hollie’s on skylanders 🎮 😊 #pokemon #skylanders #grownups

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